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Ancient Greek Healing Temple of Trikala to Be Restored

The ancient Asclepieion at Trikala in Thessaly, one of the most important healing temples of the Greek empire, will be restored, the Ministry of Culture announced on Wednesday. The Asclepieion, devoted to the God Asclepius, was the place where people...

Theopetra Cave: The Oldest Human Construction on Earth

Theopetra Cave, located in the Meteora limestone rock formations of Thessaly, Central Greece, is likely to be the place of the oldest human construction on earth, as findings indicate that the cave was inhabited as early as 130,000 years ago. According...

Majestic, Traditional Greek 18th Century Mansion Restored in Thessaly

Exquisite decorations adorning a Greek traditional 18th century mansion in Central Greece are restored to their old glory.

Elephants Once Roamed Greece’s Pinios River Valley

Today's placid scenes along the shores of Greece's Pinios River belie its ancient history as the home of hippopotamuses, bison and elephants.

Treasures from Hub of Ancient Greek Civilization at Volos Museum

A hub of ancient Greek civilization, the area around Magnesia's capital city of Volos is rich in historical treasures.

Calypso’s Canyon, The Green Paradise of Greece

Calypso's Canyon is a hidden treasure on mainland Greece which could make you forget that you're in one of the hottest countries of Europe.

Findings in Theopetra Cave Shed Light on Neolithic Era in Greece

The Theopetra Cave in Thessaly was formed in the Upper Cretaceous period, 137,000,000 - 65,000,000 years the present day.

Intense Storms Cause Flooding, Bridge Collapse in Western Greece

Greece is facing severe weather this weekend causing widespread flooding and serious infrastructure damage in the western parts of the country. The intense weather phenomena hit particularly hard Epirus and Thessaly, however, they also affected Etoloakarnania, Achaia and the Ionian...

Part of the Pineios, One of Greece’s Largest Rivers, Dries Out

A large part of the Pineios River in Thessaly, Central Greece, has completely dried out, officials announced on Wednesday. Regional Governor Costas Agorastos said that "there is not a single drop of water at a length of 25 km (15.5...

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Greece

Greece and its cities and islands is the perfect hot-bed country for the post-pandemic, self-disciplined Digital Nomad.