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New Way of Using Solar Energy Wins Youth Startup Award

An innovative lighting solution for building illumination proposed by an Ukrainian engineer won the SME Youth Startup Competition 2023.

Greece’s Rovies Food Festival Guests Captivated by Sustainable Cuisine

Dozens of local and international visitors traveled to northern Evia, central Greece, to attend the first Rovies Food Festival.

The Longest Underwater Tunnel in the World

Spanning eighteen kilometers, the new Fehrman Belt fixed link between Germany and Denmark is set to the longest and deepest combined road and rail tunnel in the world. When completed, it will cut travel time down to ten minutes...

Rovies Food Festival Draws on Evia’s Ancient Gastronomic Heritage

Rovies food festival in Evia, Greece, promotes sustainable food consumption practices through a series of interactive activities for guests.

Greek Island That Banned Swimming Pools Reaches 100% Occupancy

The Greek island that banned the creation of swimming pools due to their environmental impact, is expecting 100 percent occupancy in August.

Greek Biologists Create Eco-Friendly Paper From Bacteria

Two young biologists from Greece have created an eco-friendly alternative to paper, made from cultivated bacteria.

Five Foods You Can Eat to Help Save the Planet

Improve your diet and also help save the planet by changing the food that you eat. The task of combatting climate change often feels daunting. One way you can help build a sustainable future while also transforming your own...

Single-use Plastics Banned in Cyprus

Cyprus is taking an important step towards sustainability by banning single-use plastics, according to a law that is set to come into effect on October 1st. As a result, products such as plastic cotton swabs, cutlery, and plates among other...

Athens Air Quality Ranks Near Bottom Among European Cities

Athens' air quality ranks 227th of 343 European cities in a new report by the European Environment Agency. The air pollution in Greece's capital, which officials have grappled with for decades, is considered "moderate" according to data standards. The report...

World Environment Day—We Have “Only One Earth”

People in over 150 countries are coming together to participate in environmentally themed events to celebrate World Environment Day.