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The Legend of the 117-Year-Old Greek Who Grew New Hair and Teeth

According to 1950s legend on Ikaria island, an 117 year old woman naturally grew seven new teeth and a head of black hair.

Betty White: Remembering the Iconic Greek-American Comedienne

Betty White, the irrepressible, iconic Greek-American comedienne, who died exactly a year ago on December 31, 2021, at the age of 99 went to enduring stardom on TV over the span of decades. Her life was amazing on many different...

The Oldest Living Person in America Just Turned 115

Bessie Hendrick's birthday is a very special one as she just turned 115. That makes her the oldest living person in America, a fact that has been celebrated throughout the U.S.A. Mrs. Hendricks is also the fourth-oldest person in the...

World’s Oldest Person to Carry Olympic Torch for Tokyo 2021 Games

Kane Tanaka, at a spry 118 will carry the Olympic torch, beginning of the ceremonies leading up to this Summer's Olympics in Tokyo.