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The Australian Savior of Thousands of Pontian Greek Refugees

Australian George Treloar saved thousands of Pontian Greek refugees who were forced to flee their ancestral homes in Turkey in the 1920s.

Greek Art in All its Stunning Glory: The Jockey of Artemision

The Jockey of Artemision, a large Greek bronze sculpture of a young boy riding a horse, is a magnificent surviving statue from Ancient Greece and a rare example of a racehorse in Greek sculpture. It was discovered in the fall...

Iconic Helmet of Sparta Warriors Stolen from Town’s Monument

Greek police in Sparta have launched an investigation to discover the whereabouts of the iconic helmet that was stolen on Tuesday night from the center of the city. The imposing helmet, part of a statue dedicated to Sparta's glorious past,...

Statue of Heracles Unearthed in Ancient Greek City of Aizanoi

A stunning statue Heracles, the Greek demigod, has just been unearthed in the Ancient Greek city of Aizanoi, according to archaeologists statements to the press on Monday. The statue, unearthed on December 18, was found during the excavations being carried out...

The Calf Bearer: The Story of the Magnificent Ancient Greek Sculpture

This is the first photograph of the magnificent statue "The Calf Bearer" when it was discovered on the Acropolis in 1864.

Mahatma Gandhi Statue Unveiled in Athens

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled in Athens on Saturday, to honor the Indian activist who employed nonviolent resistance

Police Arrests Man for Trying to Sell Ancient Greek Statue

A finely made 5th-century BC ancient Greek statue was turned over to the Greek Ministry and Sports Culture by the Attica police on Friday.

The Calf Bearer: The Story Behind this Magnificent Ancient Greek Sculpture

This is the first known photograph of the magnificent statue of Moschophoros, also known in English as "The Calf Bearer" when it was discovered on the Acropolis in 1864. The statue, dated to c. 560 BC and estimated to have...

Canada Honors Brave Nurse Who Saved Thousands of Greeks and Armenians During Genocide

A bronze statue of Sara Corning, a nurse who saved thousands of Armenian and Greek orphans during the Genocide in Ottoman Turkey, will be erected in the Canadian city of Yarmouth. The bronze statue, created by Garen Bedrossian, an Armenian...

Athens' Alexander the Great Statue Vandalized With Graffiti

Just a few days after the official unveiling of the statue of Alexander the Great in central Athens, unknown vandals painted slogans on its base on Tuesday night. In yet another incident of vandalism, from which Athens and Greece's other...