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COVID-19 Hospital Admissions Increase in Greece as Eris Variant Spreads

New cases of Covid-19 and respective hospital admissions were up in the first week of August, official reports showed.

New Drug Fights Cancer and COVID-19

In order to combat infectious diseases, scientific advances have become faster, better, and more accessible. Now, scientists have discovered a drug called HA15 that may be useful in the fight against both cancer and SARS-CoV-2. It was in search of...

Treatment From Banana Protein Beats All Known COVID Variants and Flu

A treatment from banana protein has proven effective against all known COVID variants and flu in animal testing.

Lab Version of COVID-19 Virus Sparks Controversy

Scientists from Boston University have created a lab version of the COVID-19 virus consisting of the Omicron variant, sparking controversy in the scientific community. Although results from the hybrid virus proved more deadly upon test on mice than omicron, it...

New Coronavirus Resistant to Vaccines Found in Bats

Virus-hunting researchers have discovered a new coronavirus in bats identified to be resistant to vaccines—a finding that could spell trouble for the human population. Public health experts anticipated this finding and noted that the virus can infect human cells and...