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Santorini volcano

Growing Magma Under Santorini Volcano a ‘Real Threat’

A submarine volcano on the Greek island of Santorini has a growing, never-before-seen magma chamber that could fuel another massive eruption within the next 150 years, a recent study found. About 4 miles (7 kilometers) from Santorini, 1,640 feet (500...

Skeletons from Ancient Santorini Volcano Eruption Found in Turkey

A skeleton of a man who was a victim of the Santorini volcano along with his dog were unearthed recently by archaeologists in Turkey. The 3,600-year-old skeletons were discovered earlier by archaeologists in what was the ancient Greek province...

Santorini Volcano in Greece to Erupt Again, Scientists Warn

A group of scientists believe the cosmopolitan island is “at high risk for volcanically- and seismically-induced hazards.

International Team to Explore Santorini’s Volcano Secrets

A total of thirty scientists from all around the world are heading to Santorini aboard a ship that will probe the depths of the sea and take core samples of the sea bed in an effort to understand more...