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The Spectacular Sandy Beaches of Greece’s Acheloos River

The Acheloos River, or as it is alternatively known, the Achelous, is an approximately 140-mile long river which empties into the Ionian Sea.

Theodoriana: The Fairy Tale Greek Village with the Double Waterfall

The breathtaking village of Theodoriana, nestled in the Tzoumerka mountain range in Greece, looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Low Temperatures Cause Rivers in Epirus, Greece to Freeze Solid

The extremely low temperatures which have prevailed in large parts of Greece over the last several days have caused not only traffic disruptions and physical damage, but also phenomena that are rarely seen in a Mediterranean country such as...

British Newspaper Reveals Plans to Uncover Athens' Ancient Ilissos River

The British newspaper The Telegraph revealed on Sunday that a Greek urban renewal firm called ''Anaplasis'' plans to uncover Athens' ancient river of Ilissos. Back in October of 2018, a part of the Athenian tram line was closed off because the...

Greek-Canadian Captures Impressive ”Ice Tsunami” in Niagara River

A Greek-Canadian man named George Kourounis managed to record on camera a rare weather phenomenon resembling a tsunami in Ontario, Canada this past weekend. Due to the very low temperatures that were recorded in the area, a large number of rivers...

Widespread Search on Crete as Man Swept Away by Torrent

The men and women of Greece’s Fire Service, along with the special forces from the EMAK rescue team, launched a widespread search in Crete’s region of Chania on Monday morning. A 61-year old man went missing on Monday when his car...