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The Greeks of Miami Live the American Dream

The Greeks of Miami have become a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, excelling in the bar and restaurant business and raising the standards of hospitality in the US city. Since the economic crisis that hit Greece in the 2010s, many Greeks...

The Law on Olive Oil in Greek Restaurants Under Scrutiny

With the tourist season underway in Greece, experts have been assessing the law on olive oil in restaurants which allows standardized non-refillable bottles holding up to 500 ml of olive oil to be placed on tables. By Lisa Radinovsky Recently, a...

The World’s Most Beautiful Restaurant is in Greece

The world's most beautiful restaurant is located in Greece, according to a ranking by travel site "The Travel." The hidden gem, which is called, appropriately, "The Secret Garden," located on the beautiful Greek island of Symi, was ranked number one...

Illegal Dancing in Greek Nightclubs Sends Partying Underground

A crackdown on Greek nightclubs, bars and restaurants since July 8 has made it illegal to stand, dance or mingle.

What’s a Ghost Kitchen? A Food Industry Expert Explains

While the phrase “ghost kitchen” may conjure up images of haunted houses, the reality is a bit more mundane. By Jeffrey Miller, Colorado State University Ghost kitchens are food prep operations with no waiters, no dining room and no parking lot...

Mykonos: Open, Safe, Ready for Summer

Along with the rest of Greece, the hospitality industry on the rocky resort island of Mykonos  began opening to welcome back travelersth the rest of Greece, the hospitality industry on the rocky resort island of Mykonos  began welcome back customers on May 14th.

Greece Open for Visitors — but Waiters Nowhere to Be Found

Greece is open to welcome tourists back to the country but a shortage of waiters is the latest challenge to its catering industry.

Coronavirus Cases Remain Stable as Greece Begins to Open Up

Greece recorded 1,387 new cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday — 759 fewer cases than those recorded on Monday and Easter Sunday.

President Sakellaropoulou’s Coffee Outing as Greece Reopens After Six Months

President of Greece Katerina Sakellaropoulou enjoyed her first outdoor coffee outing for six months, as restaurants, bars and cafes reopened.

Covid-19: New Measures for Restaurants, Travel in Greece

Nikos Chardalias, Greek Minister for Civil Protection, announced a series of new Covid-19 measures on Wednesday.