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Persian Empire

Netflix Reveals Alexander the Great Series Release Date

The wait for Netflix’s new Alexander the Great series is almost over! According to the streaming platform's official announcement, "ALEXANDER: THE MAKING OF A GOD" will premiere on January 31, 2024. The series will consist of six episodes. Tony Mitchell, who...

The Training of Alexander the Great’s Macedonian Army

The Macedonian army of King Philip II and Alexander the Great was renowned for its success in taking over the Persian empire

Battle of Gaugamela: When Alexander the Great Conquered Persia

On October 1, 331 BC, Alexander the Great's army defeated the Persian army led by Darius III at the Battle of Gaugamela to complete the conquest of the mighty Persian Empire. It was an extraordinary victory achieved against a larger...

When Alexander the Great Conquered Babylon

The glorious entrance of Alexander the Great in Babylon as conqueror and savior was the culmination of his great achievements