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The NASA Perseverance Rover Found Trash on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover recently spotted on Mars trash—a piece of a thermal blanket used to protect the spacecraft during its landing on the red planet. The material the space agency used to protect the Perseverance spacecraft from extreme temperatures as...

Mars Probe Discovers How Water Shaped Landscape of Red Planet

A study of images from Mars shows that ancient water that once existed on the surface of Mars did indeed shape the landscape of the planet, according to an announcement made on Thursday. Photographs of the Jezero crater show that...

Rocks Collected Prove Water Existed on Mars for Long Time

NASA’s Perseverance rover collected its first pair of rock samples, with scientists already seeing proof that water existed on Mars

NASA Rover Sends First Images of Mars

The NASA rover, Perseverance, which successfully landed in a deep crater on Thursday on Mars, sent over the first grainy pictures of the 'red' planet.