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October 28 1940

OXI Day: Why Italy Attacked Greece

When Italy attacked Greece on the Albanian front on October 28, 1940, the Hellenic Armed Forces were expecting the move and were well-prepared

The Greek Monument Honoring the Brave Women of Pindos

There is a relatively unknown monument, among the many from World War II, that praises the brave women of Pindos who contributed to the great victory against the Italian army. The unsung heroines of October 28, 1940 are definitely the...

The Duty of Repeating the Proud 'OXI' of October 28, 1940 [video]

World War II started in September 1939, but Greece felt it for the first time when an Italian submarine torpedoed Greek warship "Elli" in August 15, 1940, during the feast of the Virgin Mary on Tinos. On the morning of...