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How Brave Greek Islanders Saved a Jewish Family During the Holocaust

The story of how locals at the Greek island of Erikousa joined forces to save a family of Jews from certain death in the Holocaust.

Ex-German Soldier Helps Restore Monastery in Greece Destroyed by Nazis

A letter sent by a former German soldier helped spur the restoration of Agios Dionysios Monastery on Mount Olympus which had been destroyed by the Nazis during WWII. It was one day in 1996 when prior Maximos of the New...

What Was the Churches’ Stance on Nazi Germany?

Nazi Germany was responsible for countless atrocities within its own country and others. Of course, the Nazi government was primarily responsible for these terrible actions. However, what role did religion play? After all, Nazi Germany was overwhelmingly an ostensibly...

The Greek OXI Was a Message of Freedom to the World

Throughout the history of Greece, "OXI" ("No") was exclaimed to the enemy at various times, most famously on "OXI Day." It was on the lips of Leonidas when he faced the mighty Persian army in Thermopylae many centuries ago....

How Greek Antiquities Slipped Through the Nazis

In April 1941, German troops invaded Athens. The next morning, Nazi officers went to the National Archaeological Museum to inspect the antiquities and assess which ones they would steal to transport them to Germany. However, to their surprise, the museum...

The German Massacre at Viannos, Crete Still Haunts Greece

The Viannos massacre, known as the “Viannos Holocaust,” was a mass extermination campaign launched by Nazi forces against the civilian residents of around twenty villages located in the areas of east Viannos and west Ierapetra provinces on the Greek...

Greece Remembers the Cold-Blooded Nazi Massacre at Distomo

The massacre at Distomo remains to this day one of the most heinous crimes the Nazis committed against innocent women and children

The Greeks who Fought on the Side of the Allies on D-Day

Greeks fought on the side of the Allies on D-Day, June 6, 1944, which was largest seaborne invasion in history.

The Brad Pitt Lookalike Who Fought Heroically in the Battle of Crete

This photograph of resistance fighters in Crete posing with German rifles and hand-grenades has been making the rounds of Greek social media

How the Battle of Crete Changed the Course of World War II

The Battle of Crete will remain forever in military history as the scene of the largest German airborne operation of World War II