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Best Nudist Beaches in Greece

Greece has too many nude beaches to count. This list of some of the best Greek nude beaches can be used to narrow down such a plethora of options!

Naxos, Greece’s Island of the Gods

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades island group, and although it is comparatively unknown relative to Greece's many other idylls, it is one of the most enchanting places for any visitor. Despite flying somewhat under the radar, the...

Apeiranthos: The Unique Mountain Village of Naxos, Greece

Apeiranthos is a beautiful mountain village of Naxos, the Cycladic island of Greece, seemingly untouched by time.

The Mysterious Sleeping Giant of Greece’s Naxos Island

An ancient giant statue has been lying on its back for centuries on a hill on the scenic Greek island of Naxos.

20 Greek Islands With a Different Feel for Every Traveler

There is a Greek island for everyone, whether you want endless sandy beaches, magical villages, turquoise waters, or any combination!

Trove of Antiquities Found at Home of German Artist in Naxos, Greece

Police on the island of Naxos, Greece is investigating how hundreds of antiquities have ended up in the possession of a German artist who was permanently residing on the island. The ancient treasure was discovered after the death of 84-year-old...

Amazon to Create First Smart Island Hub on Naxos, Greece

Amazon aspires to create the first "smart" island hub on Naxos, Greece as part of the "Naxos, Smart Island" project, a bundle of seventeen different actions all related to modern digital technology. On Tuesday afternoon, the company, in the presence...

Portara: The Massive Marble Doorway Standing Proudly on Greece’s Naxos

The imposing ruins of the Portara, or gate, still stand on the islet of Palatia on Naxos. What remains of a temple dedicated to Apollo, which was built in the 6th to 7th century BC and was never completed,...

Neanderthals Reached Greek Island of Naxos 200,000 Years Ago

Neanderthals and early humans are now believed to have inhabited Naxos 200,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought.

Five of the Best Greek Islands for Windsurfing

Greece has over 200 islands for locals and travelers alike to explore. However, when it comes to water sports, and especially windsurfing, some Greek islands easily top the rest. The sport of windsurfing has become increasingly popular in Greece and...