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The Greek Picasso Heist — Confessed Thief Tells All, Asks for Mercy

The Greek police have revealed the jaw-dropping confession of the thief who stole the Picasso, who says he is sorry and asks for mercy.

Greek Construction Worker Nabbed in Picasso Heist

A Cubist painting by Pablo Picasso will go back on display at the newly-renovated National Gallery in Athens following its recovery.

Foreign Leaders Welcomed in Reception at the National Gallery of Greece

Foreign leaders were welcomed at the opening of the newly-remodeled National Gallery of Greece on Wednesday.

Renovated Greek National Gallery of Art to Reopen in 2021

Greece's Ministry of Culture said that the upgraded National Gallery of Art, undergoing renovations and expansion during the last few years, will reopen on March 25, 2021, signaling the beginning of events commemorating the bicentennial of the Greek War...

Thieves steal Picasso and Mondrian from Greek National Gallery in 7 Minutes!

Greek police say thieves have broken into the country's biggest art museum in Athens and stolen two paintings and a sketch. A police spokeswoman stated that the theft at the state National Art Gallery took place before dawn on Monday....