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March 25

March 25 Marks the Annunciation, A Feast for Orthodoxy and Hellenism

March 25 is a very important date for Hellenism as it marks both the anniversary of the Greek War of Independence and the Annunciation.

Germanos: A Misunderstood Hero of the Greek War of Independence

One of the most well-known paintings of the Greek War of Independence is by Greek artist Theodoros Vryzakis, and depicts Germanos.

Kalavryta: The First Greek Town Liberated From the Ottomans

On March 21, 1821 the Greek rebels started the siege of Kalavryta, making it the first Greek town that was liberated from the Ottomans, thus declaring the start of the Greek War of Independence.

Greece Marks Independence Day with Grand Military Parade in Athens

Greece commemorated on Friday the 201st anniversary of the 1821 War of Independence against 400 years of Ottoman rule with the annual military parade in the center of the capital. Thousands of Greeks flocked to the city center to watch...

Top Refugee Student Participates in Greek Parade, Then Faces Deportation

Refugee Saidu Kamara participated in his school's Greek Independence Parade on March 25, then he is set to be deported from the country. Each year in honor of the country's fight for freedom from the Ottoman Empire, local Greek students...

The World Turns Greek on March 25 to Mark Greece’s Bicentennial

The entire world will turn Greek for its bicentennial, celebrated on March 25, 2021, commemorating 200 years since its War of Independence.

Niagara Falls Will Glow in the Blue and White for Greek Bicentennial

Niagara Falls will glow with the blue and white of the Greek flag to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence.

Prince Charles, President Macron to Attend Greece’s Bicentennial Celebration

Prince Charles and President of France Emmanuel Macron will lead a host of foreign dignitaries for Greece's bicentennial celebration.

Los Angeles to Illuminate Landmarks for Greek Bicentennial Celebration

The city of Los Angeles will mark Greece's bicentennial on March 25 by illuminating the iconic pylons outside its international airport, LAX.

US Cities to Illuminate Landmarks in Greek Colors on March 25

On March 25 bridges around the US will light up in the white and blue of the Greek flag for the Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence