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Man Killed After Being Pushed Onto Tracks in Philadelphia Subway

A Philadelphia man was killed by a running SEPTA subway train after he was punched and thrown onto the rails during a platform brawl

Covid-19 Patient in Greece Kills Roommate by Unplugging Ventilator

A patient with Covid-19 faces manslaughter charges on Thursday after he allegedly unplugged his roommate's ventilator, causing his death.

Shocking Crime in Central Athens: Man Killed by Hanging in Klafthmonos Square

The Greek police have arrested two foreigners - a 35-year-old from Poland and 52-year-old Ukrainian - involved in a heated altercation with a third man, reportedly a foreigner, who was killed by hanging from a tree in Klafthmonos Square near the Greek Interior Ministry...

Less Crime in Greece in 2014

Crime rate has dropped in the first semester of 2014 compared to the previous year, according to a Greek Police report released on Thursday. The report showed 52 cases of manslaughter recorded in the first six months of this...

Three Doctors in Heraklion Guilty of Manslaughter

Three doctors have been found guilty of manslaughter by the Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Heraklion of the death of 33-year-old Mary Voulgaridi - Theodosaki, eight months pregnant, who left her last breath together with her unborn baby boy in...