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The Most Notorious Antiquities Smuggler in Greece

The name of German national Stefan Guericke will remain in history as the biggest antiquities smuggler in modern Greece

Illegal Trade in Antiquities is the Scourge of Millennia

The looting of artifacts has always been a sign of military might or economic power. To combat this illicit traffic in antiquities it is necessary to have a comprehensive international strategy, which allows once and for all to stop...

Billionaire’s Looted Greek Stele Still on Display at Israel Museum

The looted Greek stele known as The Heliodorus Stele is still on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem despite the fact that it was among the many objects that were part of a plea deal in the notorious...

Hoard of Looted Greek and Roman Artifacts Repatriated to Italy

Almost 200 looted Greek and Roman artifacts that were seized from a New York City museum were repatriated to Italy last week after an exhaustive investigation that involved the notorious Michael Steinhardt, a former hedge fund manager. Most of them had...

Interpol Lists Looted Art, Antiquities on International Archaeology Day

International Archaeology Day, celebrated on October 16 every year, is a time to take stock of the pieces of looted art and antiquities from all around the world that are still missing and consider how much of our global...

July 31, 1801: The Day Elgin Took the First Parthenon Sculptures

It was July 31, 1801 when the 7th Earl of Elgin took down the first-ever Parthenon sculptures in Athens to take to Britain.

Petition Asks British Museum to Return “Karpathos Lady” Statue

The "Karpathos Lady" statue has been housed in the British Museum, but a petition was launched on Monday to bring her back to Greece.