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Linear A

Decoding Linear A, the Ancient Minoan Writing System

Linear A, a writing system that was used by the ancient Minoans from 1800 to 1450 BC, has intrigued and frustrated experts for centuries. Despite the fact that it has never been fully decrypted, scientists and archaeologists believe they...

The Scholars Who Deciphered the Ancient Greek Script Linear B

If not for the incredible determination and talent of two scholars, Alice Kober and Michael Ventris, the ancient Greek script Linear B would likely remain a mystery today. While many linguists and archaeologists contributed to the decipherment of the script,...

Has the Mystery of the Ancient Phaistos Disc Been Solved?

The mystery of the Minoan Phaistos Disc has been "solved by 99 percent" says linguist and archaeologist Gareth Owens.

Minoan Language Linear A Linked to Linear B in Groundbreaking Research

The ancient Minoan language known as "Linear A," long untranslated, may finally be deciphered with the help of the internet.