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Thousands of Sardines Land Onshore on Greek Island

Thousands of sardines somehow lost direction and ended up trapped in the harbor of the Greek island of Koufonisia. Locals rushed to the port with fish nets to get as many as they could. The small fish seemed to have...

Greece’s Koufonisia Islands Ban Water Recreational Activities

The Koufonisia Islands in Greece have imposed a comprehensive ban on all water recreational activities, with the exception of swimming, in order to ensure public safety and preserve the Aegean island's natural beauty. Koufonisia is a set of 2 islands...

Six Traditional, Unspoiled Islands in Greece

Do you want to experience the authentic spirit of Greece and the Greek people? visit some of the charming and less traveled islands.

Koufonisia Islands: The Hidden Greek Paradise

The islands of Koufonisia have often been described as the hidden paradise of Greece and they remain a top destination for both Greek and foreign tourists.