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King Midas

Are the Irish Descendants of the Ancient Greeks?

It is not unusual for a nation to have a story about their origin. The Jews have the story of the Exodus, the Romans have the story of Romulus, and the British have the story of Brutus. But many...

Did Greek Mythology’s King Midas Really Exist?

One of the most famous characters from Greek mythology is King Midas. He was the king who, according to legend, turned anything he touched into gold. While many things in Greek mythology are obviously just stories, various other things...

Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot Story

The legendary cutting of the Gordian knot by Alexander the Great became the metaphor for solving difficult problems by employing simple, drastic solutions

The Myth of King Midas and His Golden Touch

It is common to hear the expression "like King Midas" to refer to people who make a lot of profit or enjoy great financial success in all their businesses. However, the origins of this expression come from a greedy...