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Greece Becomes Top Destination for Russian Fuel Tankers

The number of tankers carrying Russian fuel that arrived in Greece in April reached record-breaking highs, indicating that the country's waters have become a top destination for transporting Russian fuel. According to a report by Reuters, arrivals of ships carrying...

Greek Warriors Liberate Kalamata on March 23, 1821

The Greek War of Independence started a few days earlier than the official declaration with the liberation of Kalamata on March 23, 1821

Discover the Unique Greek Tea Made from Olive Leaves

Since the times of Ancient Greece people used leaves of the Greek olive tree as a folk medicine, which was also brewed as a tea. Today it remains popular, as many believe it stimulates the immune system and can...

Study Finds Greek Kalamata Olives Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

A study conducted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens found that  Kalamata olives help reduce bad cholesterol and improve the overall health of people who include them in their diets. Olives are well known for their benefits when...

Multiple Fires in Greece Linked to Arson, Suspects Arrested

Multiple people have been linked to arson across Greece, as fires rage through nearly every region of the country. Two people were arrested in Agios Stefanos, where fires are still currently spreading. The suspects were apprehended by the bridge...

Why Greek Olive Oil is the Best in the World

Greek olive oil is synonymous with Greek tradition, a healthy diet and its rich history, Called  “Liquid Gold," it epitomizes the country.

Greece and Israel Sign Off Deal for Air Force Training Center

Greece and Israel signed off on the creation of an international air force training center in Greece, the National Defense Ministry reported.

New Movie Filmed in Kalamata Recreates Greek Revolutionary Era

"Kalamata 1821: Roads of Freedom" is a new movie about the Greek Revolution and the roles its protagonists played in the War of Independence.

The Oath of the Greek War of Independence

The Oath of the Greek War of Independence was taken by the chieftains on March 23, 1821 after they liberated Kalamata from the Ottomans

Greek Seven-Year-Old Anastasia Needs Your Help to Fight Brain Cancer

The family of the 7-year-old Greek girl Anastasia, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, are seeking financial support after learning that the cost of their daughter's necessary surgery is nearly 700,000 euros ($820,316). In a social media post made...