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Invasion of Ukraine

Greece Not Safe For Russian Citizens, Putin’s Minister Claims

A Russian government official said on Thursday that Greece is no longer a safe haven for its citizens. The allegation, made by a foreign minister, comes as the Greek government continues to condemn Russia's February invasion of Ukraine. In the months...

Russian Journalist Auctions Nobel Prize to Help Ukraine Refugees

Russian editor Dmitry Muratov's 2021 Nobel Peace Prize sold at auction for a record $103.5 million. Muratov won the award for his efforts in defending freedom of expression but was forced to suspend his independent newspaper's operations in March. All...

Refugee Corridors in Ukraine lead to Russia and Belarus, Kyiv Says

Several new refugee corridors in Ukraine that are supposed to allow people to escape the fighting actually lead to Russia and Belarus, Kyiv says. The Ukrainian deputy Prime Minister called a new proposed cease fire agreement that calls for...

Russia Accuses Greece’s Leadership of Propaganda in Ukraine War

A post by the Russian Embassy in Athens on Facebook accuses Greece's leadership of an "anti-Russian propaganda" campaign

Elon Musk Calls on Ukraine to “Hold Strong”

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has chosen to take Ukraine's side after Russia invaded its neighbor, an attack condemned around the world

How the War in Ukraine Affects the Greek Economy

The impact of the war in Ukraine on the Greek economy, particularly on energy, tourism and raw materials has alarmed households and the government alike

Russia Passes ‘Fake News’ Law Giving Offenders up to 15 Years in Prison

Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a fake news law punishing those who spread it  with up to 15 years in prison

Greek Convoy from Mariupol Arrives Safely at Moldovan Border

A Greek convoy of approximately 30 vehicles evacuating dozens of Greek expatriates, diplomats and journalists from Mariupol, the Greek-founded city in southeastern Ukraine,reached safety on Friday, according to the Foreign Ministry of Greece. Mariupol is under under siege by Russian...

Greece Invites Ukrainian Refugees to Work in Tourism Sector

After witnessing the brutality of the Russian invasion, Greece decided to show its solidarity with Ukrainian refugees who are streaming out of their country by opening up 50,000 jobs in the tourism sector to Greek expatriates and refugees. Greek Minister...

Volodymyr Zelensky: The Comedian Turned President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, is the unlikely hero who is the man of the moment as all eyes in the world turn to his country in its battle against the Russian invasion. A comedian who was once unafraid...