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Ancient Greek Medicine Comes Back to Life

Greeks take their traditions, including those related to food, holidays, spirits, dances, and arts, which have persisted for thousands of years, very seriously. Those cultural practices which have helped them in the healing of disease and maintenance of good...

Hippocrates’ Fiery Cure for Hemorrhoids

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek founder of medicine, focused on treating hemorrhoids and proposed a fiery cure. Is this disturbing or funny? A fiery ancient cure for hemorrhoids sounds like torture. Apparently, this was one of Hippocrates' ancient Greek medical proposals. Hippocrates'...

Mediterranean Diet Invented by Ancient Greeks, Study Reveals

Ancient Greek doctors invented the renowned Mediterranean diet, as Hippocratic physicians prescribed healthy diets and used rich flavors in food in order to treat their patients, a study from the University of Exeter revealed. Experts at the University of Exeter...

Ancient Greek Art of Medicine Still Practiced in Today’s India

The Ancient Greeks gifted India numerous things, including architecture, sculpture, coins, amazing food, and the Greek language and script. However, one of the greatest gifts was the ancient Greek art of medicine, or "Unani" as Indians refer to it. The...

Anti-Aging and Ancient Greeks

Although medicine and healing were important in ancient Greece, anti-aging may have been considered unnatural by the ancient Greeks. by Patrick Garner In the last decade some branches of modern medicine have shifted from viewing aging as inevitable to treating it...

Hippocrates’ Medical Recipes Discovered at Monastery in Egypt

Monks at the St. Catherine’s Monastery in South Sinai, Egypt, have discovered medical recipes from Hippocrates.

Hippocrates on Obesity and the Sedentary Life

Hippocrate of Kos (c. 460 – c. 370 BC), a physician of ancient Greece's Classical era, is considered to be the Father of Medicine. Hippocrates surprisingly suggested rather contemporary remedies for obesity, namely those of diet and exercise. In addition to recognizing...

Hippocrates and Willow Bark? What You Know About the History of Aspirin is Probably Wrong

It is believed that more than two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, discovered the active ingredient in aspirin.

How Was Cancer Treated in Ancient Greece?

It was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who identified and gave the name cancer to the illness that blights humanity to this day.

Hippocrates: The Greek Father of Modern Medicine

Born on the island of Kos, c. 460 BC, the Greek physician Hippocrates is considered the father of medicine.