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Kyriakos Grizzly and the Greek Strongman Tradition

Kyriakos Kapakoulak Grizzly, a strongman from the northern Greek city of Kavala, has been making waves online for his feats of incredible strength. The Greek strongman has amassed a significantly large following on YouTube and social media in recent years,...

The Ancient Greek Weightlifter and the 316-Pound Rock

Ancient Greek weightlifter Bybon went down in history for the feat of lifting a 316-pound stone. In Ancient Greece, strength was greatly appreciated as a physical attribute. Weightlifting was common among ancient Greeks, since their culture celebrated strength. Soldiers trained...

Weightlifter Iakovidis Breaks Down at Olympics; Exposes Lack of Support by Greek State

Greek weightlifter Theodoros Iakovidis announced his retirement on Saturday after failing to qualify for the finals at the Tokyo Olympics.