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Arranged Marriages in Greece: Traditional Matchmaking and Its Legacy

Matchmaking, the practice of putting two people together in marriage, has existed across many cultures of the world, Greece included.

Divorce Rate Rises as Marriages Decline in Greece Over Past 50 Years

The number of marriages in Greece has halved while divorces quadrupled since 1964 according to a report by Eurostat released Thursday. 

The Most Unexpected Marriage Took Place on the Greek Island of Kefalonia

The most unexpected wedding of the year took place in the Kefalonia town hall between an 85-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man. Specifically, according to kefaloniapress, the wedding took place a few days ago at the local town hall. Furthermore,...

The Star-crossed Lovers of Athens

Greek Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Theano Fotiou brought to light the story of a young couple that would have been the perfect love story for a movie. In a Facebook post, Fotiou wrote about the life and struggles of...