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Necropolis in Naples Reveals the Enduring Influence of Ancient Greece

A spectacular Greek necropolis complex at Sanita, just outside Naples, opened to the public in June 2022, and the world was finally able to see the stunning tombs that were carved into the volcanic tufa rock by the ancient...

Hellenistic-Era Grave Discovered in Italy

A spectacular Hellenistic-era grave featuring elegant grave goods was uncovered recently in Chieti, Italy as a result of a public works project. The discovery of the burial, estimated to be from around the fourth to third century BC, was the...

The Most Important Ancient Greek Colonies in History

The first ancient Greek colonies were established as early as the 8th century BC, while wide colonization continued through the 5th

DNA Study Shows When Ancient Greeks Colonized Italy

A recent DNA study by an international team of scientists showed when Ancient Greeks colonized Magna Graecia in Italy. Magna Graecia is the name of the coastal areas of southern Italy and Sicily that were extensively populated by Greek settlers. The...