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Greek Bicentennial

Tarpon Springs Lights Landmark for Greek War of Independence

Tarpon Springs, Florida will light up the facade of its Cultural Center this week to commemorate the Greek War of Independence.

National Hellenic Museum Celebrates Bicentennial of Greek War of Independence

The Bicentennial of Greece's War of Independence  will be celebrated all this week in programs sponsored by the National Hellenic Museum.

Bangor, Maine Will Illuminate Walkway in Honor of Greek Bicentennial

Bangor, Maine, which attracted many Greek immigrants, will honor them on the Greek bicentennial as a walkway will be lit in blue and white.

Rhode Island to Illuminate State House on Greek Bicentennial

The Rhode Island State House will be bathed in the blue and white to celebrate the Greek bicentennial of the War of Independence on Thursday.

Raphael’s Masterpiece “School of Athens” Adorns Greek Parliament

France donates the magnificent tapestry depicting the the School of Athens to Greece to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Greek Revolution.

Lowell, Massachusetts Will be First US City to Honor Greek Bicentennial

Lowell, Massachusetts will be the first US city to honor Greece on its bicentennial of the War of Independence.

The World Turns Greek on March 25 to Mark Greece’s Bicentennial

The entire world will turn Greek for its bicentennial, celebrated on March 25, 2021, commemorating 200 years since its War of Independence.

Niagara Falls Will Glow in the Blue and White for Greek Bicentennial

Niagara Falls will glow with the blue and white of the Greek flag to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence.

Sydney Opera House to Project Greek Flag for Greece’s Bicentennial

The NSW government said the Sydney Opera House will be bedecked in the Greek flag on March 25, the Bicentennial of the War of  Independence.

Hellenic Film Society USA Celebrates Greek Bicentennial

The Hellenic Film Society USA will celebrate the Greek Bicentennial with a series of Greek films offered for online viewing.