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Greece Has Third Highest Debt to GDP Ratio in the World

Greece has the third highest government debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) in the world, according to latest statistics

This Is the IMF Greek Debt Report Europeans Don't Want to Hear About: Full Document

"Greece’s debt can now only be made sustainable through debt relief measures that go far beyond what Europe has been willing to consider so far." -IMF One of Greece's main creditors, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), released today an official...

Greece's Parliament Releases Videos on Greek Debt Saying 'Check it, Erase it'

After forming a 'truth' committee to investigate Greece's bailout agreements with its lenders and perform a public debt audit, parliament head Zoi Konstantopoulou released two videos saying 'Check it, Erase it,' referring to the country's accumulated debt. Zoi Konstantopoulou, the...