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One Dead as Wildfires Rage in Greece

One person died on Monday from at least three major wildfires that rage in Greece. According to police, the victim is an elderly shepherd who rushed to his sheepfold to save the animals from the blaze near the village...

Fire on Mount Athos, Monasteries Safe

A fire has broken out on the holy site of Mt Athos in Greece on Saturday, but the monasteries the region is famous for are not at risk. The fire has been raging in a forested area of Mt Athos,...

Greek Reporter Delivers $172,000 in Fire Relief to Victims on Evia

From the first moment of the awful fires of August 2021 on Evia island, Greek Reporter deployed its team in Greece not only to report on the disaster of epic proportions, but also to mobilize the Greek Diaspora and...

Why The Risk of Floods Increases Exponentially After Forest Fires

After the onset of forest fires, many pray for rain to come, hoping it will extinguish the flames.

Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

A large wildfire broke out in Achaia, a region of the Peloponnese, Greece on Saturday. Residents of Ziria and Ano Ziria have been evacuated.

Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

A large fire has broken out in the agricultural and heavily-forested region of Elekistira, in Achaia, near Patras on Wednesday.

Major Wildfire Raging West of Athens; Areas Evacuated

Greek firefighters backed by water-dropping aircraft are battling a major wildfire near the town of Loutraki, west of Athens on Thursday.

Greece Not Affected By Chernobyl Forest Fire, Experts Declare

The  Atomic Energy Commission of Greece (EEAE) announced on Thursday that radiation levels in Greece have been normal in the last several days, despite the forest fire that raged near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine between April...

Huge Forest Fire Breaks Out in Greece's Skopelos

Dozens of fire fighters aided by planes are trying to bring under control a fire that broke out on Sunday in the island of Skopelos. The fire is burning pine forest near the picturesque village of Agnontas. Firefighters were dispatched to...

Crews Battling Wildfire in Northern Attica

Strong winds are fueling the flames of a forest fire that engulfed an area near the town of Kapandriti in northern Attica. Dozens of firefighters with the aid of two planes and a helicopter are trying to prevent the flames...