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Severe Floods in Australia Leave At Least 13 People Dead

Severe floods in eastern Australia, the worst seen in the country in decades, have left at least 13 people dead since they began in late February. Rushing waters, which destroyed homes, businesses, and power lines across the country, forced tens...

Intense Storms Cause Flooding, Bridge Collapse in Western Greece

Greece is facing severe weather this weekend causing widespread flooding and serious infrastructure damage in the western parts of the country. The intense weather phenomena hit particularly hard Epirus and Thessaly, however, they also affected Etoloakarnania, Achaia and the Ionian...

Extreme Weather Phenomena in Greece “Become More Intense”

Greece has seen extreme weather phenomena for the past 30 to 40 years, but their duration and intensity was nothing like what we are seeing today as part of climate change, weather expert and emeritus professor at the University...

Medicanes Might Follow Fires, Bringing More Devastation to Greece

Following August's catastrophic fires in Greece, scientists are warning of floods in the affected areas that could bring more devastation if a "medicane" hits. A medicane is a tropical-like cyclone originating in the Mediterranean. The weather phenomenon devasted parts of...

Why The Risk of Floods Increases Exponentially After Forest Fires

After the onset of forest fires, many pray for rain to come, hoping it will extinguish the flames.

Climate Emergency: Is Europe Ready to Deal with Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters, including deadly heatwaves, wildfires, and flash floods are becoming more common than ever.

Scientists Say Moon “Wobble” Will Cause More Flooding

A recent scientific study found that changes to the moon's orbit would result in more frequent flooding incidents of coastal areas in the US.

European Floods: Deadly Weather Front to Move Southeast 

The weather front that caused the latest European floods is moving slowly towards the southeast of Europe.

More Than One Hundred Dead in European Floods; Hundreds Missing

A total of 118 people have now been declared dead in the floods that have ravaged Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium this week.

Firefighter Killed as Floods Hit Greece’s Evros

A firefighter was killed on Monday in the region of Evros in northeastern Greece during an operation to rescue dozens of children that were trapped in a school flooded by torrential rains. The incident occurred as the fire service was...