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Filiki Eteria

Ioannis Varvakis: a Pirate and Benefactor of the Greek Revolution

A pirate and benefactor, Ioannis Varvakis had a bright life, supporting the Greek Revolution and becoming famous in both Greece and Russia. He managed to embody several destinies into a single person. Varvakis was a successful shipowner, and many Turkish...

The History of the Greek War of Independence

As Greece counts 200 years from the War of independence and stands proud on Europe's eastern border as a member of the EU, the mind reels to the glorious days of 1821

Papaflessas: The Priest Turned Hero of the Greek War of Independence

Among the many heroes of the Greek War of Independence, Papaflessas was perhaps the most eccentric personality

Greek Warriors Liberate Kalamata on March 23, 1821

The Greek War of Independence started a few days earlier than the official declaration with the liberation of Kalamata on March 23, 1821

Ypsilanti: The City in Michigan Named after Hero of Greek War of Independence

Ypsilanti is a city in Michigan named after Demetrios Ypsilantis, a hero in the Greek War of Independence, showing the universal meaning of the Greek uprising against the Ottoman Empire and its values. The city, established in 1825, shows that...

Greek War of Independence Began in the Mountain Stronghold of Mani

Mani was the place where the Greek uprising against Ottoman rule actually started and not in Kalavryta on March 25th, 1821 - as is often believed.

Filiki Eteria: The Group That Sparked the Greek War of Independence

The Filiki Eteria (Φιλική Εταιρία), or the Society of Friends, as it was otherwise known, was founded on September 14, 1814 and played a crucial role in the uprising which led to the Greek War of Independence against the...

Greece Hails Inclusion of Odessa, Ukraine in World Heritage List

Greece's Foreign Affairs Ministry welcomed the World Heritage Committee's decision to inscribe the Historic Centre of the city of Odessa, in Ukraine, on the World Heritage List, it said in a statement on Thursday. This decision "is a successful outcome...

Alexandros Ypsilantis: The Greek Hero Who Sparked the War of Independence

Before the breakout of the War of Independence, Alexandros Ypsilantis decided that the first blow against the Ottomans should be outside Greece

History of the Greeks in Ukraine: Staying Silent We Betray Our Heritage

The history of the Greeks’ presence on the northern shore of the Black Sea, what is now Ukraine and Russia, goes back millennia, even before the Classical Greek era. The Myceneans, one of history’s first seafaring cultures, knew the Black...