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Greece Braces For “Dangerous Weather Phenomena” This Weekend

Residents of Greece were warned of "dangerous weather phenomena" as storm Bettina was approaching on Saturday from the Adriatic Sea.

Mystery of Oxford Sky Ignition Solved

The mystery of the Oxford sky ignition, in UK, has been solved, and police have revealed the cause of the spectacular explosion. Residents have witnessed a stunning event. The night sky suddenly lit up and smoke filled the atmosphere...

Devastating Storm Hits Athens, Causing Floods and Chaos

Storm Daniel, which has been raging in Greece the last several days, has hit the capital city of Athens, causing flooding and chaos on streets. Over the past 24 hours, the storm has reached the country's largest city, bringing...

British Tourist Killed by Lightning Strike in Rhodes, Greece

On Monday, a British tourist was struck by lightning and killed on the Greek island of Rhodes. According to reports, the 26-year-old man was swimming at around 14:00 during a thunderstorm. The tourist ignored the advice of other swimmers to...

Devastating Storm, Tornadoes Leave at Least 25 Dead in US

At least 21 people were killed in a storms and tornadoes outbreak which swept across the US South and Midwest on Friday into early Saturday.

Powerful Laser Redirects Lightning Strikes

A strong laser can attract a lightning bolt and redirect its path across the sky. It's not the first time researchers have used lasers to control electricity, but this is the first time the approach has been shown to...

US Winter Storm Claims Lives as Extreme Cold Weather Persists

Nearly 250 million Americans and Canadians from Texas to Quebec are affected by a massive winter storm this Christmas weekend.

Stormy Weather Forecast for Greece as August Exodus Peaks

Instable weather with heavy rain and storms will affect northern and central Greece from early Friday, August 12, to Monday, August 15.

Almost 30% of All Tree Species in the Wild are Facing Extinction

Almost 30 percent of tree species in the wild are facing extinction, according to a report published by the Botanic Gardens Conservation International. The group's report, entitled "the State of the World's Trees," concluded that 17,510 out of Earth's 58,497...

Temperatures Predicted for 2050 Are Happening Now

Record-high temperatures not predicted to hit England and France until 2050 are happening now, as Europe's latest heatwave continues to scorch the continent and shatter long-range weather models. Both countries have reported high temperatures above 40° Celsius—104° Fahrenheit—and higher...