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Atwood: The Death Row Inmate Turned Orthodox Monk Before Execution

Inmate Frank Atwood, who had been tonsured a Greek Orthodox monk in prison, was buried at Saint Anthony's Monastery following his execution.

The Vietnam Execution that Symbolizes the Brutality of War

Exactly 55 years to this day the photo of the execution of a suspected Viet Cong member in Vietnam still has the power to shock the world. Captured by American photojournalist Eddie Adams it shows South Vietnam National Police Chief...

Two Killed in Mafia Style Execution at Athens Café

Two Albanian men, aged 41 and 44 years old, were shot dead in an execution-style killing by an unknown person late on Sunday at a café in the Athens district of Nea Smyrni. A 31-year-old woman sitting at a nearby...

Ukrainians Executed by Russian Forces, The Times Reports

Videos from Bucha, Ukraine, appeared to show a group of Ukrainian captives being led at gunpoint by Russian troops moments before they were executed. The videos, obtained and verified by The New York Times, were taken on March 4th by...

Stavroula Gouvousi: The First Woman Executed in Greece

The first ever woman to be executed in Greece after the court gave her the death penalty was 63-year-old Stavroula Gouvousi

Mafia-Style Execution of Retired Boxer in Athens

Greece's police say that a 39-year-old man is dead after a drive-by shooting on Monday in what appears to be a mafia-style execution.