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Group Of Persian, Roman and Coptic Tombs Discovered In Egypt

A group of tombs from the Persian, Roman and Coptic eras were discovered in Egypt's Al-Bhansa region, Minya governorate.

Ancient Pillars Discovered at the Hill of the Pharaohs, Egypt

The ancient city of Buto in Lower Egypt is still unravelling its secrets as more discoveries come to light.

Magnificent Ancient Mosaic Unearthed in Athens, Greece

Significant hoard of antiquities were uncovered during excavations in Theatrou Square that were part of a project carried out by the Municipality of Athens. According to the Ministry of Culture, the antiquities were discovered in the southern part of the...

Ancient Sarcophagus Unearthed Near Cairo, Egypt

In a discovery, hailed by archaeologists as ground-breaking, a magnificent Egyptian sarcophagus has been unearthed at Saqqara near Cairo, Egypt after being buried in sand in its underground burial chamber for thousands of years. The granite sarcophagus is covered with...

Greek City of Klazomenai Was The Ceramic Center Of The Ancient World

Unique Ancient Greek ceramic figures along with a 2,500-year-old type of water-basin used for rituals (perirrhanterion-περιρραντήριο) have been discovered during excavations in the Ancient Greek city of Klazomenai, which was the center of ceramic production in the Urla district...

Mysterious Ancient Greek Stone Spheres Could Be Part of a Game

Archaeologists from the University of Bristol have discovered that mysterious stone spheres found at various ancient settlements across the Aegean could be playing pieces from an ancient board game. There has been quite a lot of speculation around these spheres...

Stone Age Structure Found Near Prague Older Than Stonehenge

Archeologists near Prague have discovered the remains of a Stone Age structure that predates Stonehenge and even the Egyptian Pyramids. The structure is an enigmatic complex known as the roundel. The excavated stone age structure is about 55 meters in...

Exquisite Byzantine Mosaic Uncovered in Western Turkey

An early Byzantine Christian monastery with its exquisite mosaic was recently unearthed in Izmir, Western Turkey.

Alert Over New Zoonotic Virus Discovered In China

Scientists are on alert over a newly-discovered virus in eastern China, which made at least 35 people sick.

New Discoveries In Pompeii Shed Light on Life of Middle and Low Class

Small furnished rooms with rare findings were discovered at the House of the Lararium in the ruins of Pompeii.