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The Mysterious Nabataeans and the Greek Influence

  Is the history of the Nabataeans mysterious or lost? The Kingdom of the Nabataeans has not been substantially recorded by scholars and archaeologists alike, but that is changing. The question is if there is any connection between the Nabataeans...

Snow Falls in the Sahara Desert

Snow in the Sahara Desert might sound impossible, but it's true! The exceptionally rare weather event, which has only happened in the North African desert a few times in the past 40 years, took place earlier this month near...

Lemnos: Home to Greece’s Unique Desert

People who have not visited the beautiful Greek island of Lemnos may consider it a  moonscape due to its arid terrain.

Greece's Little-Known Desert Captured on Drone Video

An arid piece of land in the north-western Peloponnese has been dubbed the "Greek Desert" for its sand dunes and relative lack of vegetation. Located near the village of Vartholomio, the area of Thines has now been offered for sale...