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Corinth Canal

The History of the Corinth Canal, Greece’s Suez

The Corinth Canal, one of the most important infrastructure works of the modern Greek State, was inaugurated on July 25, 1893. Many believe that the canal changed maritime activity forever. Also known as the Isthmus of Corinth, the canal connects...

The Magic of Sailing Through the Corinth Canal Before the Landslide

What is it like sailing through the Corinth Canal? British expatriates Tony and Tessa Cross describe a fascinating experience they had before the landslides closed the Greek engineering marvel. The couple spent years living on their yacht while crisscrossing...

New Landslide at Corinth Canal Leaves “Greece’s Suez” in Ruins

A landslide at the Corinth Canal on Thursday has thrown a wrench into restoration works at the important ship route. 

New Video Shows Corinth Canal – Greece’s Suez – After Landslide

The Corinth Canal, one of the most important works of modern Greece has remained closed to maritime traffic since January 2021.

Greece’s Suez Crisis: Corinth Canal Closed for More than Three Months

The Corinth Canal, one of the most important infrastructure works of modern Greece, remains shut for maritime traffic since January 2021.

Greece Vows to Reopen Corinth Canal After Landslides

Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Corinth Canal, which has remained closed since mid-January due to landslides.

Jaw-Dropping Scenes As Massive Cruise Ship Passes Through Corinth Canal

The largest ship to ever pass through the narrow Corinth Canal in southern Greece amazed both the fortunate passengers on board and spectators along the Canal on Wednesday morning. The MS Braemar cruise ship, belonging to the UK-based Fred. Olsen...

Monk Seal Filmed While Passing Through Corinth Canal (video)

A Mediterranean monk seal was filmed as he swum his way through the Corinth Canal recently. The amazing video shows the seal traveling between the Corinthian Gulf and the Gulf of Argosaronikos. As of 2015, it was estimated that fewer...

Corinth Canal Closed Temporarily After Landslide

The canal on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow land bridge which connects the Peloponnese peninsula with the rest of the mainland of Greece, was closed to large vessels on Thursday afternoon after the rocks on one side of...

A Tale of Greece’s Perseverance: The Construction of the Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal is rightfully considered one of the great engineering accomplishments of Greece. The construction of the Corinth Canal not only changed the shipping world, but it also changed the geography of Greece itself as well, as it technically turned...