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"Cities of Alexander the Great"

Hundreds of Ancient Ornate Rock-Cut Tombs Intrigue Archaeologists

Archaeologists are feverishly uncovering and studying hundreds of ornate, rock-cut tombs carved out of a towering cliff in Blaundos, Uşak, Turkey - a city that was named after a commander in the army of Alexander the Great. Inhabited for centuries...

Man Arrested for Illegal Excavation in Amphipolis

Found with a metal detector in his hand, a 68-year old man was arrested on Sunday for illegally excavating in the archaeological site of Amphipolis.

Hike and Mountainbike Across Greece with Alexander the Great

A series of new hiking and mountainbiking tours were presented by Greek tourist agencies as part of the "Cities of Alexander the Great" initiative at the Ferien International Tourist Fair in Vienna recently. The agencies also promoted cultural and historically-oriented...