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Greek-American Charged with Murder of his Colombian Girlfriend in Bogota

A Greek-American man has been arrested for the murder of his Colombian girlfriend in Bogotá. He is being charged with femicide and obstruction of justice. According to Colombian media, John Nelson Poulos, a resident of Texas, murdered his girlfriend, Valentina...

The Greeks of Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, the capital of Colombia and a sprawling mega-city of almost ten million inhabitants, is home to a grand total of approximately 150 Greeks. However, most have become successful entrepreneurs in the food industry, adding a Greek touch to the...

Meet the Greek who Introduced Real Souvlaki to Colombia

Giorgos Sitaras, a Greek who left his hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece, shares authentic Greek food like souvlaki with the Colombian people.

“Greek Captain of Colombia” Petros Voidonikolas Passes Away

Petros Voidonikolas, the Greek Captain who was born in Dimaristika, a small town in Greece, left a great legacy in Colombia and the world.