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Astra Zeneca

Greece Extends Vaccination Program as Coronavirus Deaths Fall

Health authorities in Greece recorded 1,497 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Saturday.

Greeks Under 64 Years of Age Will Receive AstraZeneca Vaccine

The Friday meeting of Greece's National Vaccination Committee resulted in a unanimous vote to go forward with administering the AstraZeneca vaccine to citizens up to 64 years of age. The meeting was followed by statements by the president of the...

Oxford-Astra Zeneca Vaccine Trials Resume After Brief Pause

Scientists and many others across the world expressed relief this week after trials were restarted last Saturday for the Oxford University--Astra Zeneca coronavirus vaccine. Slated to be released around the end of this year, hundreds of millions of doses of...

British Pharmaceutical Firm AstraZeneca Promises 400 Million Coronavirus Vaccines

According to a statement released by the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, the firm has promised to deliver 400 million doses of the Oxford University-created coronavirus vaccine currently undergoing trials. The firm announced it had signed an agreement with the European...