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The Haunting 100-year Parallel Between Greeks and Armenians

2023 marks the centennial of the Treaty of Lausanne, which efficiently ended the last traces of Greeks in Asia Minor and the Armenians in Artsakh. By Julian McBride 2023 marks the centennial of the Treaty of Lausanne, which efficiently ended the...

Mel Gibson Condemns Azerbaijan’s Genocide of Armenians

Mel Gibson recently condemned Azerbaijan’s genocide of the Armenians in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), calling out media silence and demanding swift international action to protect and save Armenians. “History tragically repeats itself as we witness a modern genocide unfolding,” Gibson said in...

Greece Must Recognize Artsakh to Atone for Envoy’s Propaganda Tour

Greece came under strong criticism from Armenia after its envoy to Azerbaijan joined diplomats in a propaganda tour of occupied Artsakh.

Greece Blasted Over Azerbaijan Propaganda Tour of Occupied Armenia

Greece came under strong criticism by the opposition and Armenian groups after the ambassador to Azerbaijan joined a propaganda tour.

Greece Sends Additional Humanitarian Aid to Armenia

Greece sent a massive planeload of humanitarian aid to Armenia destined for the victims of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) on Saturday. Organizations such as the Armenian Blue Cross of Greece, the Armenian Charity Cross, and the Armenian Relief...

Armenian-Americans Express Anger, Frustration at Settlement with Azerbaijan

Armenian-Americans erupted in anger and frustration this week as they heard the shocking news that Armenian leader Nikola Pashinyan had signed a peace deal with Azerbaijan and Russia to stop the fighting in the Artsakh region. Widely viewed as an...