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Socrates, the Founder of Western Philosophy

Socrates is the most important exponent of Western philosophy, his ideas forming a continuum from Ancient Greece to today's Western thought

Submerged Ancient Greek City Resurfaces in Turkey

The ruins of an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor have become visible for the first time in three decades due to a drought that has caused the water of the Bayramiç Dam to recede. The ruins belong to Skepsis,...

The Μost Ιnnovative Greeks Τhroughout Ηistory

Selecting the most innovative Greeks from ancient times to modernity is not an easy task. From Plato to Eleftherios Venizelos, Greek history is filled with people who thought and acted differently than their contemporaries. Thanos Veremis, a leading Greek historian...

The Greek Philosophers ‘Hiding’ in Raphael’s School of Athens

Several of the most influential Greek philosophers and thinkers are portrayed in Raphael's masterpiece the School of Athens which adorns the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. Painted between 1509 and 1511, it depicts a congregation of philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists...

Ancient Greek Laws Against Tyrants

Ancient Greek laws against tyrants is a very fine subject to explore. Ancient Greece is known for its emerging democracy, many of which sentenced them to death. Scholarly observers have defined classical Athens as a direct democracy. Some have quarrelled...

Ancient Greek Quotes Inscribed on Global Landmarks

Ancient Greek inscriptions appear on some of the most prominent buildings in the world. Whether on the entrance of a historical Western European library or a prestigious American university, one can see them everywhere. When our eye meets these inscriptions,...

The Golden Age of Greek Science

Greece had two golden ages. The legacies of Greek golden ages, especially in science, made Western civilization what we know today.

The Cosmos of Ancient Greece’s Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera computer captured the ancient Greek passion for mathematics and especially geometry. By Evaggelos Vallianatos The second century BC was a time of the golden age of Greek science, and civilization centered in the kingdoms of the empire of Alexander...

Greek Philosopher Pythagoras and His Famous Theorem

The influence of Pythagoras in mathematics and philosophy remains strong today along with the mysteries surrounding the great Greek philosopher

Edible Insects: New Frontier For Western Cuisine Has Ancient Roots

With the green light for the production and introduction of the first edible insects into European markets, conflicting opinions were rife.