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The Mysterious Sleeping Giant of Greece’s Naxos Island

An ancient giant statue has been lying on its back for centuries on a hill on the scenic Greek island of Naxos.

Massive Golden Statue of Zeus Comes Back to Life

The massive golden and ivory statue of Zeus that once stood in the temple to the god located at Ancient Olympia has come back to life after 2,500 years. A replica of the ancient masterpiece has been on display at...

Ancient Greek Masterpieces Were Painted in Dazzling Colors

It is nearly impossible to imagine the sparkling white sculptures of ancient Greece painted in a variety of bright colors.

Exhibition 'Emotions' Opens at the Acropolis Museum on Tuesday

The unseen emotional landscape in ancient art is explored in the exhibition "Emotions" organized by the Acropolis Museum and the Onassis Foundation, which is to open in Athens on Tuesday and run until November 19. Featuring 129 artifacts from some...