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When Alexander the Great Met Diogenes the Cynic

The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, known as the father of Cynicism, has become famous for his many interesting interactions, particularly with famous Greek leader Alexander the Great. Diogenes the Cynic (also known as Diogenes of Sinope) lived against the norms...

Rice, the Underappreciated Greek Gift From the Eastern World

Rice is one of the most important foods worldwide, with everyone aware of its value all over the globe; but this pearly white cereal took a long time to become part of ancient European cultures, with many years passing...

The Golden Age of Greek Science

Greece had two golden ages. The legacies of Greek golden ages, especially in science, made Western civilization what we know today.

Archaeologist May Have Found Tomb of Alexander the Great’s Mother

If a Greek archaeologist is correct, the tomb belonging to Olympias, Alexander the Great's mother, may have been found in Korinos Pieria, in central Macedonia. The possible discovery of the long-sought tomb of the greatest of Greece's historic generals and...

The Oracle that Stopped Alexander the Great’s Invasion of India

Alexander the Great's planned invasion of India was only stopped in 326 BC by the oracular prophesy he received from the Indian sadhu Kalanus (Calanus). by Ajith Kumar Anyone familiar with the history of Alexander the Great will easily recognize the...

What Alexander the Great Really Looked Like

Dutch photographer and digital artist Bas Uterwijk has been shining a light on what iconic figures from history might have looked like in real life. His latest creation is Alexander the Great, the king of the ancient Greek kingdom...

The Twenty Most Famous Movies Based on Greek Mythology

These timeless stories from ancient Greece or Greek mythology have been reinterpreted for modern audiences in engaging and beloved movies. 

Man Arrested for Illegal Excavation in Amphipolis

Found with a metal detector in his hand, a 68-year old man was arrested on Sunday for illegally excavating in the archaeological site of Amphipolis.

The Many Times Christopher Plummer Played a Greek

Acclaimed stage and screen actor Christopher Plummer died at the age of 91, at his home in Fairfield, Connecticut. The Toronto-born actor's illustrious career, spanning over six decades, took him from stage to TV to the silver screen. He won both...

New Alexander the Great Series to Be Filmed in Greece

A new promising Hollywood series on the life of Alexander the Great has been announced by the creators of "Vikings" to be filmed in Greece.