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International Day of Disabled: How Ancient Greeks Cared for Them

As the world marks the International Day of Disabled Persons on December 3, new evidence emerges on how the ancient Greeks had the disabled in mind when they constructed buildings, especially those having to do with healing. Building graceful stone...

Ten of the Acropolis Museum’s Most Beautiful Exhibits

The Acropolis Museum located only 330 meters (1,000 feet) from the famed hill of the same name hosts some of the world's most important antiquities

The Oldest Photograph of the Acropolis

French photographer and draughtsman Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey took the first-ever photograph of the Acropolis of Athens in 1842.

Walhalla: Germany’s Copy of the Parthenon of Acropolis in Greece

The iconic Parthenon in Athens has inspired many buildings around the world, including Walhalla, Germany's hall of fame. Preserving historical memory and cultural heritage, this building is one of the most important and majestic monuments of Germany, dating back to...

Athens Tower of the Winds Is World’s Oldest Meteorological Station

The Tower of the Winds in Athens is the oldest meteorological station in the world, and one of the most important ancient monuments in Greece

The Kritios Boy, a Masterpiece of Ancient Greek Art

The Kritios Boy, a statue displayed at the Acropolis Museum is one of the most important works of ancient Greek art and the most characteristic of the so-called "Severe Style." The statue’s torso was found in 1865 to 1866 southeast...

The Day the Acropolis’ Parthenon was Destroyed

On September 26, 1687, the Parthenon of Acropolis in Athens faced a severe blow and was partly destroyed by Francesco Morosini, the leader of the Venetian army, who, as part of the Morean War, led an expedition to attack...

The Flower That Only Grows on the Acropolis of Athens

Found interspersed among the rocky terrain of the Acropolis of Athens is a small plant with pink flowers, the micromeria acropolitana.

Greece Imposes Caps on Visitors to Acropolis to Prevent Overcrowding

On Monday, Greece imposed limits on the number of visitors to the Acropolis to prevent overcrowding in Athens' most famous landmark. A new booking website now keeps track of tourists at the Acropolis while enforcing an hourly time slot to...

The Fascinating History of Syntagma Square in Athens

Syntagma Square is the most historic in Athens and the central point for visitors for sightseeing in the Greek capital