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Etruscan Tomb Excavation Unearths Ancient Greek Cup

Archaeologists in Italy recently uncovered ten remarkable Etruscan tombs in the Monterozzi necropolis, where they also found ancient Greek artefacts such as Euboic drinking...

Innovation Park to Turn Thessaloniki into Greece’s Silicon Valley

Greece seems to be very close to attaining its own version of Silicon Valley in Thessaloniki, which will soon be home to the largest...

Greece Recoups 161 Ancient Cycladic Treasures from US Private Collection

Greece has taken action for the eventual return of Cycladic art that is more than four thousand years old that is now in a...

Athens Acropolis Walls To Undergo Long Overdue Strategic Preservation

The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports is putting forward a strategic plan for the restoration of the walls of the Acropolis of Athens. 

Finnish PM Sanna Marin Private Party Videos Leaked

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is facing distress as videos of her dancing and partying wildly at a private party got leaked to the...

Elderly Couple in Athens Died Helpless from Heatstroke and Starvation

On Thursday, a forensic report and police investigation revealed that an elderly couple died alone and helpless from heatstroke and starvation in downtown Athens. The...

The Greatest Motivational Speech Ever, by Leonidas, King of Sparta

King Leonidas of Sparta, left with only a few fighters from the original 300 at Thermopylae, gave a speech with great motivational power.

Risk of Fires Elevated in Greece Due to Blistering Winds, Heatwave

Authorities in Greece issued warnings of fires this weekend as the country is experiencing blistering winds and high temperatures. As seen in the video, the...

Cultivation of Cannabis was Legal in Greece Until 1936

The cultivation of cannabis in Greece for pharmaceutical purposes is now legal, as it was legal until 1936, the year it was prohibited

Rare Photos Show First Excavations at Sacred Greek Island of Delos

Rare photographs of the excavations at the sacred Greek island of Delos from the 19th Century have come to light in a book by French archaeologists.