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NATO Firefighting Aircraft Arrive in Greece to Fight Wildfires

NATO sent firefighting aircraft and helicopters to Greece to help the country battle wildfires, the alliance said on Friday. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency...

Greece Wildfires in 2022: The Sad Story So Far

This year has already been a damaging one for wildfires in Greece with the most recent example being the large blaze on Mount Penteli...

Heatwave Sweeps Across Europe as Wildfires Rage

A record-high temperature of 41° Celsius—105.8° Fahrenheit—predicted in England on Monday is part of a heatwave across Europe that has sparked devastating wildfires and...

Greece’s Top Luxury Resorts Threatened by Wildfires

Two large wildfires are threatening Itea and Kranidi, two of Greece's top luxury resorts on Tuesday. The fire in Itea, a resort town in the...

New Wildfires in Ancient Corinth, Central Evia, Ancient Olympia

New wildfires broke out in Ancient Corinth and Central Evia areas, while they continue to rage in ancient Olympia, as firefighters battle to contain the flames

Greek Beekeeping Destroyed By Recent Wildfires in Evia

  Greek pine honey is now even more of a precious commodity following wildfires that have for the most part destroyed beekeeping in northern Evia....

California Braces for More Days of Inferno as Wildfires Continue to Burn

The US state of California has been experiencing one of the worst wildfires in its history for several weeks now.

US Lends Aerial Reconnaissance Aircraft to Help Greece Fight Wildfires

US Ambassador Pyatt voiced his support for the nation of Greece as the US sent aerial reconnaissance aircraft to battle the Greece wildfires.

Wildfires Continue to Burn Out of Control in Greece

Friday found Attica in Greece still ablaze, with the the fire that rekindledon Thursday afternoon still raging out of control.

Ten Injured as Multiple Wildfires Continue to Ravage Greece

Ten people were taken to hospitals on Thursday evening in Greece as the country continues to fight multiple wildfires.