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The Training of Alexander the Great’s Macedonian Army

The Macedonian army of King Philip II and Alexander the Great was renowned for its success in taking over the Persian empire

Vergina: Where Proof of Macedonia’s Greek Origin Was Uncovered

In Vergina, a small town in northern Greece, Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos found proof of Macedonia's Greek roots.

October 13th Marks Death of Macedonia’s Hero Pavlos Melas

October 13th is the day that marks the death of one of the most important defenders of Macedonia's struggle for freedom, the Hellenic Army...

Ten Things to Do in Kavala: The Beautiful Gateway to Macedonia

The city of Kavala in northern Greece, which rises up from the sea like an amphitheater, is a gem waiting to be explored for its rich history and beautiful surroundings.

The Most Consequential Clash Between Macedonians and Romans

The Battle of Pydna in 168 BC was arguably the most consequential clash between ancient Rome and the Kingdom of Macedon, leading to the...

Battle of Chaeronea Confirmed Macedonia’s Dominance Over Rest of Greece

The Battle of Chaeronea, believed to have taken place on August 2, 338 BCE, confirmed Macedonia's control over the southern Greek city-states, paving the...

The Priceless Ancient Greek Treasures of Dion, Macedonia

In an Eden-like environment at the foot of Mount Olympus lies Dion, the sacred site of the ancient Macedonians.

Greece Opens New Museum at Aigai, the Ancient Capital of Macedonian Kingdom

Greece opened the new museum of Aigai on Monday in the town of Vergina, which incorporates the entire archaeological site, the center of ancient...

Court in Greece Approves Macedonian Language Classes

A court in the city of Florina in northern Greece approved the opening of a Macedonian language center in a controversial move that several...

Siege Warfare, Polygamy and Sacrilege: The Reign of King Demetrius of Macedonia

Demetrius the Besieger 337–283 BC was a monarch of Macedonia, one of the more outrageous rulers of the time. He specialized in siege warfare,...