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Australian Magnate Reaffirms Commitment to Building Titanic II

Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer has reaffirmed his commitment to building Titanic II. Credit: public domain

Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer, who has been pitching the idea of building a ‘Titanic II’ since 2012, a hundred years since the original ship sank, has recently reaffirmed his commitment to the project, saying it will be an antidote to woke politics.

The original Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage, killing more than 1,500 people who were aboard, and Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer is still proposing the construction of a replica of the original RMS Titanic, but nothing has yet been done.

The mining magnate first announced his plans in 2012, with the future Titanic II, if it comes to fruition, being operated by his company Blue Star Line. The company would create a historically accurate tribute to its namesake even down to the not-so-roomy steerage cabins.

There will reportedly be some changes to ensure the ship reaches its destination this time with Palmer promising it will be fit with cutting-edge navigation equipment, safety systems, and lots of lifeboats.

Amid the several setbacks in the project, including payment disputes and scrapped plans to build in a Chinese shipyard, not a lot of the core idea has been altered, with Palmer repudiating skeptics by reminding them that he has the money and determination to finish the project.

The only difference now seems to be that Palmer, who in the last ten years has served in Australian parliament and chaired a right-wing political party he founded, describes the symbolism of Titanic II, and the original, in a clearer way.

The symbolism of Titanic II according to Palmer

During a press conference earlier this month at the Sydney Opera House, Palmer reaffirmed his commitment to building Titanic II, saying it would be a beacon of hope amid war in Ukraine and Gaza. He also asserted it would bring people together after the period of Covid lockdowns and would embody traditional values rather than “woke” politics.

Speaking about traditional values instead of “woke” values in an interview with Rolling Stone, Palmer said, “There’s been a concept in society that you can cancel people. I think you know what I mean by ‘canceled’ people, and we think that’s a terrible concept.”

He added that “the United States was founded on the rights of men to be different. The diversity that we’ve had in our economy, in our intellectual development has really meant that’s developed our society to a higher level. I’m talking about Western society in general. So the French Revolution, the American Revolution, all those things were brought about by individuals [claiming] their rights to express an opinion or view. I mean, you should have the right to be wrong.”

Palmer also told the magazine that he has allocated a couple of hundred million dollars to the project and added that there’s more available if needed. Additionally, he said vaccine requirements will not be in place for Titanic II, stating, “We won’t have any. We don’t believe people should be compelled. You might be aware of it, but I recently funded a case in Queensland where we had the vaccines declared unlawful because we believe that impeded on individual choice and freedom. And the courts agreed with us as well, the superior court—so it’s the first in the world.”

But he does stress that people who are vaccinated are still very welcome to come aboard.

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