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Study Reveals Scariest Horror Movies in History

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A new study has revealed the most terrifying horror films in history. Credit: philld / CC-BY-SA-2.0 / Wikimedia Commons

A recent scientific study focusing on the horror movie genre has shed light on the scariest films ever produced. With the help of advanced technology, researchers analyzed viewers’ physiological responses during specially organized screenings. The study, known as the Science of Scare Project, has uncovered insights into the most terrifying movies in history.

According to the project’s officials, the newly established ‘Science of Scare Score‘ measures a movie’s ability to evoke fear through a blend of heart rate escalation and heart rate variance decline.

The project selected 250 individuals to participate in the research, equipping them with cutting-edge heart rate monitors. The screenings took place over several weeks throughout the year.

The maximum scare score value was 100. For example, the study showed that Shrek’s score was only 3 out of 100, making it far from a horror film.

The Scariest Horror Movie in History

In this scheme, the 2012 spine-chilling classic Sinister received a scare score of 96 out of 100, marking the most terrifying movie of all time.

The plot of this horror revolves around a renowned true crime writer, Ellison Oswalt. He uproots his family to Chatford, Pennsylvania, aiming to uncover the mysteries behind a heinous crime. Little do they know, their new residence holds a dark history.

As Ellison delves into the disturbing case, he stumbles upon a series of sinister Super 8 films showcasing gruesome murders, all linked to the ancient entity, Bughuul. At the same time, unnerving events begin to haunt the family.

Namely, ghostly apparitions and disturbing events grip their once peaceful home. Despite Ellison’s desperate attempts to understand and stop the evil force, his daughter Ashley falls prey to the malevolent spirit’s influence. The terrifying climax sees Ashley mercilessly slaughtering her own family, perpetuating the cycle of horror orchestrated by the sinister Bughuul.

Additionally, last year’s champion, Host, secured a close second place, leaving the audience’s hearts racing with a score of 95. A newcomer, Skinamarink, managed to clinch the third spot, stunning viewers with its enigmatic storyline and a significant impact on heart rate variance, garnering a score of 91.

The top 10 list also featured notable titles such as The Conjuring, Hereditary, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

The Scariest Movies of Recent Years

Furthermore, the project encompassed thirteen recently debuted horror films from 2022 and 2023. Skinamarink emerged as the most spine-chilling film of the year, boasting an overall scare score of 91.

Additionally, prominent entries from 2022 and 2023 such as Talk to Me, a directorial debut by Danny and Michael Philippou, and Smile also secured significant positions in the rankings.

However, Cobweb, M3GAN, Malignant, and Pearl, despite their release this year, failed to make the cut for the top 50 list.

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