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New Theory on the “Alien Corpses” Unveiled in Mexico

Alien corpses in Mexico court
A new theory regarding the “alien corpses” of Mexico has been put forth by Will Galison, one of the first to examine the bodies. Credit: MXCD

An extraterrestrial expert examined the so-called ‘alien bodies‘ found in Mexico and suggested they might not be from space but something even stranger.

Since their discovery just a month ago, the preserved remains have caused quite a stir around the world.

People who are into UFOs believe these odd skeletons were strong proof that there’s life on other planets. The authenticity of these alleged alien corpses has sparked a heated debate, with input from scientists, conspiracy theorists, and politicians.

These alleged extraterrestrial remains were reportedly found in a mine in Cuzco, Peru, and were presented by ET expert and journalist Jaime Maussan.

Maussan stated during a Mexican congressional hearing that the skeletons were more than a thousand years old and possessed “non-human DNA.”

However, a fellow ufologist has raised doubts about Maussan’s claims and put forth a new theory regarding their origin.

New theory by ‘Will Galison’ similarizes alien corpses and small alpaca

Will Galison, a close friend of French archaeologist Thierry Jarmin, who was among the first to examine the corpses, expressed his skepticism about the strange story being a hoax.

He concurred that the skeletons date back to approximately a millennium ago but proposes that they might be more animal in nature than extraterrestrial.

Will speculates that the three-fingered specimens could have been crafted using animal remains. He points out a “remarkable similarity” between the heads of these specimens and that of a small alpaca, reported Ladbible.

During an interview with the UFO show Nub TV, the extraterrestrial expert elaborated on his involvement, mentioning that he had made a cast of one of the skeleton’s “heads.”

Will made two trips to Peru to provide his insights to his friend Thierry, who, he claimed, had obtained the mummies in 2016, reportedly from a tomb robber.

Will stated, “My thinking shifted when I was up in the friend’s house in the country, north of New York.

“And I saw a deer skull on the mantel and the back of that deer skull, to my mind, resembled the front of this of this skull and I thought, ‘Oh wow.’

“It was obviously put together—the question is was it put together in 2015 to sell to Thierry, or was it made 1,000 years ago?”

Created from a mixture of animal and human bones

Will stated that he doesn’t think these beings “flew down in a saucer” because a CT scan revealed that both specimens had signs of osteoporosis in their legs. He believes they seem to be composed of a combination of animal and human bones.

He put forth the theory that the Incas might have crafted these specimens to venerate them as “God-like” figures.

Another hypothesis he suggested is that they could have been attempting to replicate a model of something they had encountered.

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